Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's Get it ON! Caddis Hatch is in full swing.

The Arkansas River Caddis Hatch is underway. Hordes of fisherman will blanket the stretches of river in hopes of catching the hatch. Many, not knowing how to fish a freestone river will go away disappointed and catching the "numbers" everyone comes to the river for.  many think it is fish after fish, during the hatch. It can be, but you have to know how to fish the daily cycle and look for the right water. 

Many will try and chase the main upriver migration, I like to hang back and pickup all the table scraps.
You are not overwhelmed with as many people ( whom will never be back to this river, till next year) fighting for there spot on the river.

These are a few of my favorite patterns. 

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