Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lot's O Fishin

Had the opportunity to spend the last 11 days fishing, rowing, bbq'ing and just plain kicking it. 
Wow was it great, hard to believe it is the end of May, no run off to think off and 8/11 days of great 
dry fly fishing. Never fished a nymph, never fished two flies. Just plain spoiled.

 The trusty PMX lodged firmly in the mouth.
 Every morning the bell rang to fish, hard to beat the view.

 Even had some fish rising to salmon flies. Ran into them 2 days on the Arkansas. They have been 
doing a transplant study and actually got a few to transplant and hatch. Way cool. 
Much like the short bus I rode when I was younger, we tried a "short boat" one day and boy howdy,
would that little bugger go anywhere.  We ran in some darn shallow water, never a scrape. It was fun,
could be a great year for a boat like this?

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