Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Road Trip-

Had to put in some long hours this week with work and cover a few miles around the state. In doing
so I had the opportunity to see some of the states great watersheds, visit a few fine flyshops and sample
some of the great foods. 

Sunday afforded me the opportunity to drive the Colorado River and see what the river looks like at the 450 cfs. level, and it is not good. We need some rain and release of water in the big ditch. It is very low
and really only running in the main channel. Lots of evidence of moss growing due to low flows
and warming temperatures.

 Had a wonderful Sunday lunch with KK at the world famous KK's BBQ at Rancho Del Rio. Sample a "few" ribs and spicy polish, well a couple of Modelo's to wash it all down with.

Next was drive up to Steamboat to see the Yampa, Elk and West Elk. Of all the times not to have
a rod in the truck, this was one. Sunday was the second day of the Green Drakes arrival to the area,
and fish were going crazy. Water levels were dropping but in very nice wadeable condition, actually Excellent. You had better get there soon. In addition, lots of caddis in and around the water and fish
responding well.

 The next visit was to the Grand Junction, Rifle, Eagle area. Wow, the lower Colorado is in fantastic 
shape but low for this time of year. Running its normal Colorado green shade. Very few boats on the water and no wade fisherman seen. Conditions are prime.

Had dinner with the Colonel S. last night on Eagle. Again the water is dropping , but for the time being
it looks and is fishing fantastic. Caddis everywhere. Flows at 550 currently.

Had on of the better dinners of recent memories at Old Kentucky Restaurant in Eagle, a new local in the Eagle scene offering a nice beer and whiskey/ scotch selection.
Not to mention one hell of a Fried Chicken and Waffle dinner.

Cheers to everyone. Get out and fish now.

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