Sunday, September 30, 2012


Big Sky Country treated Floatfisher and the Mrs. to an absolutely stunning 10 days of fishing. Many fish were wrangled to the net, including the Yellowstone Slam (Cutthroat, brown, rainbow and white fish). Weather was crazy warm and fishing was enjoyed in t-shirts and shorts, hard to believe it is late September in Montana. This was F*$%#$%$ awesome

Mark and Sara at Headhunters on the Missouri were also outstanding hosts. Although there where a few pesky weeds in the river, the fish were still eating well and smacking the hopper on occasion. Hard to beat the fish of the Missouri. As always, Issack's in the Missouri provided excellent libations and food.

 Steve, our guide from Sweetwater Flyshop in Livingston, guides Mary to another fine Yellowstone fish.
 Ms. Floatfisher prepares a fine snack on the lower Yellowstone. 
 Pesky ass fires from Idaho continue to move smoke into the Montana valley's daily. It certainly provides for beautiful sunsets.
 Windmill overlooking the upper Missouri.
 Floatfisher on the prowl for heads & fins with great friend and guide Eric Mondragon from Headhunters

 Ms. Floatfisher hooked up again, the typical daily pose throughout the 10 days.
 Riverside vehicles
 A little Cutthrout Tail

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