Monday, September 3, 2012

Floatfisher Out of Retirement

Holy crap I am spoiled, I hardly have to row anymore as Ms. Floatfisher loves to row, and let
me fish a great deal. This weekend, however, I had friends and family down all weekend and 
was summoned to the oars all weekend. It was really nice. Instead of knowing and casting to all the
fish, I actually got to show some others why I LOVE the river so much, and why I have the passion
too spend each and every free day on the river.

 The "Strike Inducer" fly was the meal ticket in the afternoons. As you can see all the legs drove the fish nuts. In addition we fished some water we had not fished in a while. Always a bonus.
 A man after my own heart, he too like long legs!
The brilliant ski's provided beautiful back drops for photo's again. ken readies to or the next section.

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