Saturday, November 3, 2012

Floatfisher Vineyards- Fall Bottling

Fall and winter also spurs on the other "hobbies" of Floatfisher and the Mrs. Last night was spent bottling out latest batch of grapes for the winter holiday season. Many glasses of wine were drank, great blues were hammered out, and when all done 90 bottles of Old Windmill Malbec, tall tail Malbec, Trailerhood Merlot and FK-Private Reserve were corked.    

 Old Windmill gets ready for labeling.

 Belting out a little Stevie Ray!
 tall tail Malbec ready for the box and settling down. Should be good in a month or two.

Labeling for FK Private Reserve is placed
 Trailerhood Merlot freshly bottled. Should be ready for Christmas, if the sampling was as good as the final product.

The end of a great evening, now planning the next batch of summer vino!!

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