Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy December 26- Black Wednesday

As we work off the food, sweet and alcohol (for some) for the past couple of days, we try to settle back in to the normal routine, well at least until this weekend and then we do it all over again. THEN it is over and the countdown to fishing gets to serious business. Need to finish tying the spring and summer patterns.  Filling the nearly empty favorites, topping off the secondary favorites and letting the so-so ones ride it out. What will the new HOT Flies be this year, what must we have to catch fish? Think I will just stay with the patterns that work day in and day out

 Putting the final touches on the Midge Flash Sparkle Caddis

Silvey's Bead Head Pupa

Oh, Trout Crack- the  Copper CDC Caddis

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