Monday, March 4, 2013


Oh, how good it felt to get the boat out on the water. The snow and ice on the boat ramp made it a bit of a challenge to get there, however, a fresh coat of 303 on the bottom made her glide right to the water.
A few strokes and the rust was beginning to wear off. Man if felt great. 
 Water is really low making a few of the rapids challenging. Although there is no speed to them, the technical moves keep you on the move, especially after a winter of rest and being rusty.
Damn, Ms. Floatfisher always gets the first fish! Oh well, the price one pays to fish all the time. 
FF Lucent Nymph
Hook: TMC 2499, Sz: 12-16
Bead: Lucent Tungsent Aqua
Thread: Purple 8/0
Abdomen: Blue UV Ice Dubbing
Rib: Small Silver Wire
Legs: Partridge
Wing: Black Goose Biots
Collar: Blue UV Ice Dubbing

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