Saturday, March 9, 2013

Old School Marabou Fly

Wind is blowing, it is snowing and the forecast is calling for 7-9 inches of fresh today. Caught some 
flyfishing for brook trout on the TV this morning and thought about tying an old school pattern for
today's post.

Old School Brook Trout Fly:
Hook: 4-6X Long Wet Fly Hook
Thread: 6//0  Black
Tail: Bett's Metallic Badger
Abdomen/ Body: Medium Gold Holo Tinsel
Underwing Flash: Gold Angel Hair
Wing: White Marabou
Wing Stripe: Two Pieces of Peacock Herl
Throat: Burnt Orange Marabou
Head: 6/0 Thread, covered with ClearCure Goo

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