Monday, April 29, 2013

Crab Creek- A Hidden Washington Gem

Went to my wife's nieces wedding this weekend, and in true Floatfisher style we had to add a little fishing into the trip. Finding and fishing new water is always exciting, especially when it is a hidden
gem like Crab Creek outside of Spokane. Booked through our friends with Silverbow Outfitters, we were hooked up with Double Spey Outfitters guide GL.
 A beautiful unassuming creek that runs through the rolling farm fields, very, very unassuming, but relatively full of beautiful Redband rainbows. Another first for Floatfisher and the Ms.. This beautiful creek afforded me to brush up on photo skills, so the wife got movie star treatment all day.
 GL runs to net another one of Mary's fish. She kept him very busy all day

 GL and Mary talking about the one that broke the line. GL assures Mary there's a bigger one in the next pool ahead.

A successful day on the water lead to SMILES. Smiles leads to even more days on the river.
Floatfish is one lucky Chicken.

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