Thursday, April 11, 2013

Morrish Mouse

We have watched them on all the exotic flyfishing videos, from Russia to Alaska. But flyfisherman have been using them for a lot longer than that. How about pike, bass all the other trouty waters of the US. Yes, how bout them apples.

Don't be afraid, try one , early, early in the morning when floating your favorite river, especially at sun-up or sundown and see if you get some action. Just maybe, a little sumpin, sumpin will smack the shit out of the mouse.

Don't Be Afraid of a Little Mouse!

Morrish Mouse 
Hook: TMC 8089, Sz. 8-12
Thread: Black UTC 140
Tail: Dark Brown Rabbit Strip Cut (Cut to Size)
Top: 2 mm Black Foam
Body: Natural Deer Body Hair

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