Monday, April 22, 2013

Shoulda ..... Damn Weather ...... So Costly

What started out to be such an innocent week of work and then a trip too the Bighorn River, turned into something much better but more expensive. With all the great weather we have been having in Denver as of late (ha ha), it ended up screwing my work and fishing schedule up something fierce.

What was to be an innocent storm on Monday turned into a two day, hole-up blizzard in Cheyenne, closing most of the roads heading north to Gillette and Montana, thus canceling my work in Wyoming and fishing in Montana. 

That mean't I would be home for the weekend, as simple trip to the camera shop for a new tripod, ended up with a new wide angle lens for the new camera, damn the luck!

The moral of the story, it is always cheaper to go fishing each weekend, than to stay home. See what can happen.

I love her, she is a beast on the camera!!

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