Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tie One One- " Floatfisher's Caddis Pupa Version #31"

Just how many versions of a caddis pupa can I tie, well way to many that I start to loose count. 
Over the years they all work just a little better, but like all tiers, we must try and do better.
Looking at the same ole, same ole in the box get old.

Must have something new, plus, when your at the launch or take out, none of the other boats have them. Always great to share new patterns that work with others.
FF's Caddis Pupa # 31
Hook: TMC Competition Hook, Sz.14, Barbless
Bead: Lucent Aqua
Thread: Brown 8/0
Abdomen: Tan 8/0 with Rainbow Krystal Flash
Thorax: Caddis Green UV Ice Dubbing brushed out
Soft Hackle: Brown Partridge
Antennae: Black / Pearl Krystal Flash
Collar: Brown Nature Spirit Dubbing

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