Monday, May 20, 2013

Gettem Ready- it's time.........

Visited the river this weekend with the intention of watching the high flows drag the debris of wood, sand and silt down stream as the warming of the Colorado high country has raised the flows this past week on a daily basis. On the drive Friday the river was the color of the chocolate milk I loved as a kid,  heavy and dark. 
This morning was a different story as the edges had a foot or so of clearing as the main body of the river was still off color, but I think you could have dragged a couple of fish off the bank.
On top of that, the flows had dropped a tad. For a sick nick like me, I am always encouraged at not having to have the boat on the trailer.
Always nice to oogle at the streamer box, today way no different.

Can you say, Meat Whistle

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