Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Time- Get it On!

Last Minute Edit- due to the  unexpected heavy pounding of snow we received, pretty much state-wide, you Had better pack a few of those crazy ass streamers you all have been twisting. Water is up the past few days, and a little off color, should be just the thing we are looking for!

We've practiced our ties all winter, we've talked about all the fishing were gonna do when it warms up?
Well if you are still talk and not fishing , you have been missing something very nice and special.
To bad to this point.

 Although not super strong the hatch is moving up the canyon, and on the good day, weather participating fishing can be special. Word to the wise, though, you should be armed with a variety of
flies to cover the vast food supply the fish have the feed on. Ever so prevalent are the midges, aquatic worms, although not something we typically imitate and use, baetis, caddis, stones, just to name a few.
 Although, caddis and baetis are the main attraction in April and may till the river is off color and blown out.

Better have a few of the Silvey's handy.

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