Monday, June 10, 2013

Chasing Salmonflies on the Rio

Once again we gave chase to the elusive salmon fly hatch on the Rio Grande River. Although not seasoned veterans on this river, we try and give it a valiant effort every year or so. This year was no different, but the turnout was the same. 

Crossed the river at the first sighting and it was stunning, clear bank to bank, flows 900 at the top , 1450 at the bottom, heart was going pitter patter.  We had our good friends in tow, so it would be a good day regardless of the bugs and fish. 
 As you can see the weather did not disappoint, nor did the fishing.  There were no big bugs to be seen, but the fish were definitely eating stones under the surface, action is not far behind. Later in the day the fish were up eating on the top.
 Newby Karen on the sticks, did a good job. rowed most of the day, even put her husband on fish.
Another lucky man.

 Special shot rigging the boat up at the launch.

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