Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Little Slice of Heaven -

Once in a while your wife requests to spend a milestone B-day and vacation in the Big Sky State. We were fortunate to have two very nice bosses that allowed us to escape for over two week to float the irrigation ditches of Montana, fish and eat fine foods.  Over the next couple of days I will share some of the sights were lucky enough to see.

Here a just a couple of the highlights.

 We did not have enough fun several days before when Ms. Floatfisher and I took the wrong channel on another ditch and had to portage around a couple of fallen trees, this time we decided to play "Boat Limbo" with the lowest bridge we have ever seen on a creek. We were floating with our great friend Darlene, we thought it would be better to walk around and snap pictures while Ms. Floatfisher ekked through.

 The Chubby is always a constant producer this time of year, along with the purple haze, the Turd and other assorted staples.
 The Big Sky State was well represented with nice browns, rainbows and we can't leave out Mr. Whitey. 
A constant pose for Ms. Floatfisher. Fish On, 
 Not all floats are created equal. Some of the better fishing required rough treatment on the boats. This  particular take-out required the boat to be hauled up the ramp with a tow-strap. Clackacrafts are one tough boat.
 Good friend and fellow blogger Joe Willauer, aka Evolution Anglers was gracious enough to host Ms. Floatfisher and I for a couple of days on his favorite ditch. he did us right. WOW. 
 No trip to western Montana is complete with out breaking one of my Winston's. Might as well drop it off while passing by, beats shipping it at least one way.
 Our great friends Darlene, Jim and Jan completed our trip and made great memories. Along with all the beautiful sights of Montana. Until fall or next year, See next time.

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