Monday, July 8, 2013

Before and After the Fires

Just a few weeks ago we floated the very beautiful Rio Grande River, in SW Colorado. As many
of you have read, the area has been devestated by one of the states largest forest fires, now over 100,000 acres. Thanks to our great and heroic firefighters they managed to save the small historic town of Southfork and Creede, CO.

As you can well imagine, the landscape will forever be changed in this area, the once plush green, littered with beetle kill is now fire scarred.  Yet another western river that will have to survive the test of  time with silt and ash .

God speed to a quick recovery for all the people, homes and our precious river. You are still able to fish it and it is fishing very well right now. Get down and support the folks of Southfork if you can.

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