Thursday, July 11, 2013

Every Have one of those Mornings?

Ever have one of those mornings when the "fishing karma" is just off. Well yesterday was that kind of day for Ms. Floatfisher and I, you might have guessed we spent a little too much time a the local watering hole the night before, but not the case. Not a cast to go in the right place, pocket or seam. Seems like the casts were "just" a little long into the trees, snagged and tangled. Guess we just did not want to play the bobber and lead game!
 Finally we rounded the corner and the PMD's and Sally's were out in full force. Fish faces everywhere and rising like the Last Supper, always a sight you like to see. This is when the luck changed to the better. Got rid of the split shot and droppers, went to a single dry and BAM!!

 Thank you for treating us to another day great day on the ditch. 

Just a shout out to my Loyal Floatfisher followers who spotted Ms. Floatfisher and I, on the ditch yesterday. Always pretty cool to be out and about and have folks spot you. At least a hack like me.

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