Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sometimes I Don't Get It

This weekend we were back to our home waters fishing, it had been a while.
After watching the water flows and some other fishing reports in the past weeks, 
area has been getting some much needed precipitation, bringing on some  dirty water from
side canyons and washes to the ditch. As always this sends the area guides and there clients in search of
clean water and places to fish. Earlier in the week as the water was the color of chocolate milk down
stream, everyone floatfishing was forced upstream, however, as the stream cleared late in the week
the lower water was beautiful.

Meanwhile every boat was fishing together on the upper water? Along with every pleasure boater and kayaker and tuber. Down river not a sole, just a little, I mean little off color water. 

This becons my question that I just don't get it?

Many guides will suggest waters to fish that don't look picture perfect to the clients, to the guides know will be totally killer. The clients are simply after hitting the button on their fish counters to mark the success of their trip for the day. It is only about catching fish.  If only they would have listen to their trusty guide, they would caught more fish and had a nicer experience.

I certainly feel sorry for the guides, as they work their asses off, but most clients don't listen, especially when they pay very good money for the day.

All alone down river

Sorry for the rant, don't do it much. Just Don't Get it sometimes.

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