Sunday, August 18, 2013

Celebration Weekend

Well, there was a milestone birthday celebrated over the weekend at the Floatfisher compound on the 
river. My precious, beloved wife,  eclipsed 600 months ( 50 years) today, in typical fashion, she wanted to be no where else but on  the river, only fitting.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

I started to treat her to a day on the river, but anytime we have our little boat down, she just love to row it. So not being one to argue, she got the initial stink off the boat with the first couple of fish, and we 
switched spots for the rest of the morning. We forgot how fun our little 10.5' Jack Plastic " Fatboy" is, well, Ms. Floatfisher has two "fat boys" in the family now.
The augmentation on the river is over for the summer months, so the water was on the drop this weekend. The water was in spectacular shape the fish were just off a little bit, guess we are just very spoiled!! Instead of catching lots, we only caught 1/2 that many. Thats alright , single Chubby or Orange foam PMX was the meal ticket.

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