Thursday, August 1, 2013

Randon Acts of Photo # 2


Random Acts of Photo makes it second appearance on Floatfisher this week. It seems these days that everyone is too busy fishing to actually look around and enjoy the surroundings when your  on the ditch, it is not all about the "grip and grins" and the fish. You gotta look around at the sights. It is amazing what you see every day through the lens. Instead of holding the 
fish out to make it look bigger, snap a photo of something else, from a different

 The grasses right next to the side channel we were fishing.
 More cowbell, I said More Cowbell, damn it. 
 Reflecting Pool on the Jefferson
 The Chevy's seen better days. 

No matter what river, always a welcome sight, as long as your in the boat. 

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