Wednesday, August 14, 2013

St. Elmo's- Old Mining Town

Made a visit to the old mining town of St. Elmo's several weeks ago, with the river being muddied up by recent rains it seemed like a great day for drive to new destination and enjoy the day.
A time past as the years and seasons take their toll on the old buildings. The wind tries to whip the rusted tin off the buildings.
New growth in the short high summer season at over 11,000 ft.
Now the town is a destination for ATV'rs and rock crawlers as Tin Cup pass and other alluring trails are in the area. Seemed to have a lot of people in a hurry to just do nothing. 
Old weathered barn wood.
The buildings of the past were beautiful as the logs and woods were stunning. This old cabin clearly illustrates how the floor joists were sandwiched right in the middle for the second floor. It was a neat sight.
A time past with the metal siding that has now taken a rust as the paint has withered over the years, the lace curtains are falling apart. Yet the plastic flowers in the window look good as the day they were placed.

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