Monday, September 23, 2013

Black Canyon Gunnison National Park at the East Portal

Spent the weekend doing something a little different, and went over to check out the Gunnison River, at the East Portal. As you will see by the photo essay, the weekend did not disappoint and the scenery was spectacular. The vistas are grand, canyon, well one of the deepest in the country and the rock, absolutely stunning. 

Best highlight of the weekend was the upclose and personal visit by our friend Yogi. Very curious and unaffected by the folks around. He simply wanted to come over to be with us on our side. Just so happened the water was too deep in between us.
He cruised up and down the bank, scaring the hell out the fisherman on the other side, it was quite funny, I thought. 

Finally he decided he had had enough and was coming over. Red Rover, Red Rove, I am coming over!!  Not being a very agile swimmer with deeper water and current carried him down until he gained  his footing and bothered a few more fisherman, before cruising into the woods.

One of the great view of this amazing canyon. 
Rugged and not for the faint of heart. Better have some good hiking boots.

 Oh, did I mention the fishing was alright too.

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