Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dutch Oven Prime-

The long weekend presented itself with a couple of perplexing dilemmas for us, the first was, how much actual fishing might get done? Probably none!  Did we bring enough wine and other beverages to make it through the weekend. Yes! One thing we knew we were doing was our favorite Dutch Oven Prime, this would be the signature Saturday meal, along with some nice wines and scotch.
 Oven is now pre-heated with oil, the charcoal is ready and the prime will be sealed for the rest of the time. This was the largest one we have done at 4 ribs, so we were guestimating at 1 hour 45 minutes or so.

Coals in action doing their work. Grease and fat dripping inside, prime cooking absolutely perfect.
 At 1.45 hours we check the temperature, she is reading 100 degree's , still a little rare. will go just a little longer.

 As the prime emerged from the Dutch Oven all the chefs helpers were well lubed with a selection of Malbec's and a fine 17 year Balvenie Single malt. The evening was a success.

By the way, our predictions were right, no fish were hurt by hooks during our weekend events. 
Good times were spent with great friends.

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