Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fly Pattern of the Day - the "Cutty Killer"

I was digging through a couple of things today and came across this well used fly last night and thought this would be a great post, as this is killer cutthroat pattern on the St. Mary's River in British Columbia. Those slow rising buggers just love to foam and lots of rubber legs twitching. This fly has lots and lots of legs to twitch.

Give it a try if your up that way, a terrific river. Should be on your TO DO List

 Cutty Killer
TMC 2312, Size 6-12
Thread: Brown 140 UTC
Body: Small Orange Cactus Chenille
Foam Bottom: Dark Brown 2MM
Foam Top: Pink 2MM
Indicator: Yellow Foam
Legs #1: Orange Pumpkin Sili Legs
Legs #2: White Round - Marked with Sharpie (color of choice)

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