Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday's Featured Fly- Greg Garcia's - "Rojo Midge"

With all the rains and floods in the Denver area, we decided to stay in town and keep out off the roads but run some errands for the upcoming week. One of the stops was to visit my good friend Greg Garcia, world renowned flytyer, flycaster and retailer at Anglers All. Always nice to see Greg as he usually finds a way to reduce my wallet by a few hundred dollars. 

In honor of the master, I thought I would feature his famous Rojo Midge. A tremendous fly for any of the Colorado rivers and lakes. If you do not have a row of these in your flybox, SHAME on you.

Twist up a few, if not, go in and see Greg at Anglers All, tell him Floatfisher sent you in,
he will give you something free.

Rojo Midge
Hook: TMC 200, Sz: 16-22
Bead: X-Small Red Bead
Thread: 10/0 Veevus Red
Abdomen: 10/0 Veevus Red
Rib: Red Lagartun Wire
Collar: Bright Green Dyed Peacock
Gill Tuft: Ultra Floss- Dental Floss

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