Monday, November 25, 2013

AFCP - Test Pattern

It's the winter fly tying season, this is the time when we start greeting creative at the vise, to come 
up with something just a little bit different. Although, I would not consider this ground breaking by 
any means, it has all the characteristics that make it look very "fishy". A very simple and durable
pattern, fished on just the right drop offs, would induce jarring strikes.

Hook: Diacchi 
Thread: Olive Veevus 10/0
Body: Chartreuse Halo Tinsel
Rib: Small Silver Lagartun's Wire
(2- Coats of Clear Cure Goo)
Thorax: Orange Sow Bug Dubbing
Soft Hackle: Brown Partridge
Head: Olive Veevus 10/0

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