Sunday, November 10, 2013

Waypoints Screening- Denver

Ms. Floatfisher and I joined a rowdy fulfilled group of folks from Trouts Fly Fishing. A few libations, a  party bus to and from the showing and nice little after party. A nice way to go to the show.
Highlighted by the early afternoon of spending time talking and laughing with the one and only
Hank Patterson, who as in to emcee the evening event. He was all to happy to share his guiding secrets
that have made him #1.
The movie it self was kick ass, the photography and video were out of this world, especially the underwater shots and views from St. Brandon's Atoll. As the bar is raised far too high for the 98% of us average flyfisher folks, we will only dream for a few hours we see these spectacular spots. It fills the void as the fishing season winds down. I salute the luck few who had the opportunity to go along and 
shot the video. What a great opportunity

Mary getting the "Whipit , Whip it, now snap it" technique lecture from Hank.
At least I think they were talking about fishing. 

Hank sharing some of his exotic photos of the elusive cuttrainbrown. This was his world record 39" 
male caught not long ago.

A good time was had, a few too many PBR's were had. And a lot of money raise for the  Defend the Upper Colorado River. 

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