Sunday, February 16, 2014

Alpacas of Montana- Product Review

 At the recent outdoor show Mary and I were looking for new alternatives in socks and hats for our  upcoming steelhead trip. While walking the aisles, we came across the booth of Alpaca's of Montana.
While looking at the socks and trying on the hats, the pretty young gal, put he sell on us , selling the merits of Alpaca, it warmth, durability and that she would buy it back if we did not like it once we came back from Washington.
The sell tactics worked, we picked up several pairs of socks and couple hats. I was excited to use them, finally some socks sized for someone with large feet, that go down to 20', -20'.  DId I mention how soft the socks are, wow, like wearing pillows on your feet.
The socks worked like a charm, keeping the feet nice and warm without sweat or excess moisture
that tends to build up over the course of a long fishing day.  With a simple liner unearth, these sock
are a game changer. There are on the pricey side at $32 a pair, but warm feet are worth it.

The fishing hat that Alpaca of Montana creates is stellar. After three days of fishing in the wind and rain, this hat repelled water, dried quickly and with the Windstopper liner, kept my head nice and toasty. Most hats I have had in the past ride up and are not comfortable, this one was different. With the cinch cord at the bottom, I did not have the issue of the had riding up. One of the biggest factors is, Alpaca's makes 10-12 different sizes to fit your head. Not just a sm, m, l,l.

This is not for everyone, just my opinion on a real nice product  that is made in the USA.
Check them out.

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