Thursday, February 13, 2014


Mad Props to Jeff Brazda, Annie and the fine team of guides with Brazda's Fly Fishing in Forks, Washington. Ms. Floatfisher and I just returned from a fantastic trip to the OP for our first trip to catch steel or chrome, as the seasoned veterans refer to them. 

Also , thanks to Shawn Lawson and our great friend and long time guide of Brazda's Joe Willuaer for giving us the push and recommendation to get there. Job well done.

Did not take long Day 1, for the first pull near the great looking logjam, of course. WOW, the power of these fish are amazing and this one that has been in the river a little while. Although, not the prettiest steel, I will take it for my first one, as it was in the net, and in my hands. Thanks Aaron for a great day.

Many others hooked through the day, but the hard hook set was the down fall for both Mary and I. You have to $%#$#$% launch that hook into them. Then hope your line is clear of any tangles or debris,  then you have to survive the initial run. Well then you have a shot a landing one. Easy you think. Not so. On day one we were lucky enough to fish the lower HOH River, there were fresh fish moving in the river, and it was active. Had the opportunity to hood a 20# fish for a slight time, and it schooled me and send me collecting my line and backing. 
Last fish of the day, #3, was very happy, very, very fresh fish. These fish are pure muscle.
It is incredible. 

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