Monday, March 3, 2014

11 Years and Counting

Although we kicked out 2014 fishing season off a few weeks ago in Washington chasing steelhead. 
This weekend was the official kickoff for Ms. Floatfisher and I. Time to put the yacht back on the ditch
and catch some of the local favorites. This marks our 11th year floating the ditches of Colorado. A wonderful transition from the still waters and small stream of the White Mountains of Arizona.

If this weekend is any indication, it is going to be one fantastic year of fishing. The fish survived he winter in nice fashion, look like the put the feedbag on too. I was very pleased as we managed to land some of the largest fish in we have seen in our 11 years on the ditch. Signs of very healthy and thriving fishery.

With the foul, miserable weather predicted for the  on the front range, we could not pass up the chance to make the first cast of the year with streamers, although the water is still a little cold, the fish did not disappoint, they chased down and hammered a couple of my favorites.  Just icing on the cake, after the first fish of the season where steelhead, bull trout, sea run cutthroats and whitefish. Then come home and add browns, rainbows and cuttbows to the mix. BAM!!

After the streamers slowed down, thought I would try and newly modified stone pattern I had worked
on this winter. Winner, winner chicken dinner, this dude is a keeper. Will be tying more of these up this week. Also tried a couple other patterns that held their won weight, will share more this coming week 
on them. A couple of the old traditional patterns worked as well, TBH and Zebra.

 One of the many rainbows that was enticed by the stonefly. Thanks to Ms. Floatfisher for braving the wind, snow, rain and great fishing to be my fantastic guide for the weekend. 

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