Monday, March 10, 2014

Forgotten Winter Chore

Sometimes things get tossed to the side and forgotten, well, at least one winter chore did. The annual
cleaning sorting and de-cluttering of the boat box. This is our "Vest" for the boat. Several years
ago, when we had our first custom frame for our first raft built , we had this nifty little dry box built.
Not for the faint of heart, cause it was expensive, but handy. The unit locks into the frame, with a special plate built for boat, in the event that the boat is flipped, all is not lost. It will survive.

It is amazing the items this great box holds, in such a compact area. With 4 main compartments, each specifically designed for tools of the trade. Let me walk you throat it.

Large Area in Back:
Holds 11 fly boxes , mainly nymphs and drys
Front Compartments:
1- leaders / fishing licenses
1- tippet materials and indicators
1- Floatants, Bio- soaps, misc. items.

As you can see, you can carry everything you need, in a need and compact area, attaches to the boat in a matter of seconds and can be locked on.


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