Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Spend your Weekend Fishing

Having been sick for almost a week with the pesky deep chest cough, weezing and other 
unmentionables that I will not share, I thought I was on the mend and needed my fishing
fix! Well I was right and wrong, I did need my floating and fishing fix, but the wind and 
cold,  would have other plans for me once on the river.
However, let me fast forward to at least some good parts. For the fishing that was
done, I got to fish on of my favorite setups .
Olive Two Bit Hooker
 Not that my good buddy Charlie Craven needs to sell anymore of his 
trout producing bugs, but damn, they work. I fish these two critters in tandem,
which I call the "Whore House" set up. This on the drop-offs, this little 
set-up is deadly. Fishing some deeper holes, slap a stonefly above it to drive these down.
Just saying' , if you want to catch fish.

Red Two Bit Hooker
Now back to the first have of the story, after a short 2 1/2 float, I only had one lung 
left to hack up, chest tightening and severe chills. Can you say trip to the emergency room.
Got to meet Salida's finest at Heart of the Rockies, Regional Hospital. After two hours, flu test, pneumonia , x-rays , breathing treatment and a few meds., we where on our way.

Hope you all had a better weekend than I. 

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