Sunday, March 23, 2014

Small Batch

Attended the Colorado Trout Unlimited Gala last night, one the nice fundraisers they had last night
was a tasting and limited purchase of the Colorado Bourbon now being produced in Salida, CO by 
Boathouse Distillery. Jerry, the owner, was there to highlight his distillery and new product. They were
selling 6 bottles with all proceeds going to Trout Unlimited, with the caveat, that all purchasers received a raffle ticket for a chance at a Winston Fly Rod. Behold, we could not pass up those odds and purchased two fine bottles. Bam, we now are the proud owners of a New Winston Flyrod, compliments of Boathouse Distillery. Thanks

About Boathouse Distillery
Boathouse Distillery handcrafts ultra-premium Bourbon and other spirits in small batches. Established in Salida, Colorado, with a ready supply of pure Rocky Mountain water and locally grown ingredients, Boathouse Distillery serves Colorado’s Front Range, Western Slope and resort communities with artisan spirits. A tasting room at the distillery is also in the works.
Colorado Bourbon, Boathouse Distillery’s signature whiskey, is a distinctly American spirit enjoyed by men and women around the West for its rich, mellow flavor. We source our Bourbon from craft southern-state distillers after it has aged four years in new charred oak barrels, imparting notes of vanilla, caramel and fruit to create a unique spirit.  The final step is to rectify, or finish, the connoisseur-grade Bourbon. We also produce our Colorado Moonshine, a smooth white whiskey with more character than other clear spirits. Additional products include a line of flavored vodkas infused with all-natural fruits (i.e., no chemical flavorings).
Boathouse Distillery works with ranch organizations, land conservation groups and sportsmen’s associations — Trout Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, North American Wild Turkey Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, Pheasants Forever, etc. — to offer limited-edition bottling that support these organizations’ conservation efforts.

With its strong agricultural heritage, our central Colorado location provides access to a palate of premium ingredients — pristine water, corn, barley, wheat and fruits — from which to create spirits with distinct characteristics. Have a taste and we’re certain you’ll agree that our Colorado Bourbon, Moonshine and vodkas offer a fresh interpretation of these time-honored libations.

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