Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Careful what you ask for, the wrong Easter bunny just might visit you. Alway great spend sunrise Easter Sunday on the ditch with your loved on. After the ceremonial prayer at the boat launch, it was 
on to another fine day of fishing. The only difference, I actually had to pull my weight and row today.
Damn the luck.
The Easter Bunny hid a little something special in Mary's basket this morning. It was just the
mojo to get the fish feeding.

 One of the many victims that fell to a well drifted purple haze.
 Oh yes, they have been moving water, to make room in the reservoirs, the river has come up over 230 cfs or so in the past two day, little off color in sections of the river, perfect to throw the Dirty Hippy or Sculpzilla. Bam!!!!

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