Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dance Card getting Full

Our  post run-off fishing dance card is rapidly filling up for 2014, as we recently acquired several trips. With the nice snowpack and predicted above average fishing in some area's we are looking as fishing some new waters in and around the Colorado area. We will be looking to venture back up to Montana, probably twice to visit and float the upper Blackfoot River in mid-late July, then with a recent purchase we will visit the stunning beautiful Madison Valley Ranch for some small creek and river fishing.

We also will have the good fortune to spend a couple of days fishing with a true flyfishing Icon, Jack Dennis,  fishing some rivers in Wyoming, Mary and I will be looking forward to this. Our normal weekend journeys will keep us humble by fishing the gold medal stretches of the Arkansas River, from our humble little abode. We will have a little excursion to the Upper Colorado with Confluence Casting to see some new water, date and time to be announced.

Then, this fall back to Washington and the Klickatat, to wrangle some additional steelhead and chinook salmon. We should have no problem hitting our traditional 80 days of fishing this year, we are so very lucky.

Can we fit in Red Fishing?

Better not push the luck…… Not this early anyway…….

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