Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ready, Set, Practice with Dec Hogan

In preparation for our 2nd steel heading trip this fall, Ms. Floatfisher and I decided we 
should get a jump on things and start practicing our two handed casting, so there were no excuses this
fall, why fish were not landed on the swing other than our own fishing fault.

So yesterday it began with Dec Hogan taking 5 raw beginners and teaching and coaching us the foundations of two handed casting on the South Platte River. There would be laughs, pouting and frustration , but at the end, som-bitch, what a hoot. Learning the principles of the anchor, reverse C, single spey, double spey, Reverse Snap T, and other terminology. 

Dec did a real nice job with Mary and I.

The eager student getting ready for the day.

Dec doing a little one on one mentoring with Mary, trying to work out the kinks.
 Dec telling Mary what a great guy Floatfisher is and they just need "more" time on the water and a new drift boat. He is a deserving guy.

 The weather cooperated terrific by giving us a little upstream and downstream wind to
have to practice our casting with. Ortherwise, perfect weather.
Some additional practice weekends, especially with high water coming up, oh, we 
also have to get some gear. Damn the luck. Lucy, got some shopping to do.

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