Monday, May 5, 2014

Rockin' the Glass

Finally got the chance, or just plain got the new rod out of the tube and sock and broke it in. Water
levels were down and clarity was good, as we drove the canyon on Friday night. In addition, as sight
that we had not seen in 4-5 years, heavy, heavy caddis hatch coming off. Oh, I was pumped
to get the new stick out.
 The new outfit was complete with a little Abel reel, so I was a little nervous about fishing out of the
boat, as 7' does not give you very much. but in all the new information that I learn from Cameron
with Fiberglass Manifesto, how wrong I was. This little gem will cast a country mile.
 Taking a couple casts to get used to the difference between our normal rods and now the fiberglass, I thought I would only cast it in several key area's in know has great dry fly water, again, proved wrong.
Fished it all morning from put-in to take-out. Landed 30+ fish, largest being 18".
What a hoot.
 A big thanks to Cameron and Fiberglass Manifesto for talking me into something new, stepping 
outside the box. So cool, can't wait to have slightly longer one built to use more frequently out of the 

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