Monday, May 12, 2014

Thing's will be Changin' Soon

As we sit on May 10th, upslope storm settling in,  hopefully we will start to see a change in the weather with a very slight warm-up. Not all at once , because we have some very large snow pack in many area's of the rocky mountains. Rains and warm weather are not a healthy mix for slow easy runoff's .

One thing the on-set of run off does mean is another change in the fishing season, we migrate from midge and baetis fishing, now a nice Mother's Day caddis hatch will transition into the big bugs we like and hope to chase many locals around the west.
 I know it gets my blood pumping to put flies away that require 4-5 x tippet and get out 1-3x tippet. Fish are not leader shy in dirty, off-color water, but will pounce on the large morsels.
 Not all locals get the giant stones, but a great many get the thrill of fishing the golden stone both sub-surface and top surface as the turbid waters subside. Some of the most exciting fishing of the season, as the fish are pushed to the shore side and very opportunistic. (oh, do not forget about our other friend the streamer- Deadly this time also)
Just a few I like to skate around the surface of the water. 

Get Ready, Strap in, It will be here soon.

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