Monday, July 14, 2014

A Little Detour

On our way to places unknown we thought we would take a little detour and have dinner in Craig, MT on the banks of the Missouri River. Phoning our good friends Eric and April, they agreed dinner at Issack's would be perfect. Now taking a big detour from Sheridan, WY to Craig, MT was a bit for dinner, but in interest in fishing, well worth the detour.
 We set up a fine little cabin, the Rainbow, with the crew a Headhunter, who were fabulous as always.
Sarah and the crew were stellar, and as the credit card always shows, we came home with a few goodies. I would recommend the lodging with Headhunters, you must book early, but certain nice to be "right their". 
Had a chance to visit the Mark and John, always a pleasure, as they are two of the best in the business. They know how it is done.

In the quest of looking for new boat, the team form Adipose and Headhunters hooked Mary and I up with the demo boat for morning ride down the river to look for rising heads and willing fish. Mary, eagerly anticipating rowing the boat, want to row what will be our next boat this winter, so it is ready for the spring fishing season. 
The Montana Test Drive was a success, drivers were happy, boats to catch fish, joy to row. 
Just have to look at all the options now.

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