Thursday, July 31, 2014

Salmon Lake Island Lodge

We spent a little time with Ms. Floatfisher's parents in the past couple of weeks celebrating
there 60th Wedding Anniversary. We were lucky enough to be holed up at the older
but charming Salmon Lake Island Lodge, just outside of Seeley Lake, MT.
As with most of Montana, the sights are always worthy of the camera. Along with gin and tonic for several days, the camera was right on my side. 4 acres or grassy , tree covered island would not disappoint. 
The old Homestead Cabin
Morning on Salmon Lake

Grandma and Grandpa's Pride and Joy

Just another day on the lake, couple of canoes ready for the days use.
Hallway to Heaven
Alone in thought on the lake, evening silence.

 Island sights with some of the beautiful flowers.

Smoke from nearby Washington, created some soothing sunsets on the lake at the fire pit.

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  1. I was working on the grassy hills (Horseshoe Hills) to the east that look out over Salmon Lake for the past few weeks. If you were out on the lake, I was jealously looking down at you while I was slow-roasting on those open slopes. Ha. Salmon Lake used to be good fishing until some douche nozzle put pike in there.