Sunday, August 24, 2014

First on Fiberglass- Our day on the Ditch

Finally the water on the lower river was clear enough to fish after many weeks of heavy rains, and crap running down the river. Wow, what havoc these rains have caused to the river and fish on the lower
sections, sustained weeks of heavy mud and silt took its toll as the fish had a tough time feeding, thus they are a little behind in weight gain. Usually they are plump and meaty for this time of year.

They were on the feed and eating everything presented slow and drag free, as the water has dropped to
the normal late summer and mid-fall CFS range, which is perfect for both wade fisherman and floaters.
With the drop in flows and clear conditions, we figured it was again time to float one of favorite lower sections. Rarely floated by locals and guides as the shuttles are too long, this creates a float that has no
other boaters on it, and lots of rising fish.  It also presented the opportunity to fish or NEW favorite little 
rod, Scott 703-3- Fiberglass rod. Perfect for the fly fare we would be throwing today, single dry.
Although, most would think this would be to short to throw out of a boat, it has surprising backbone, and capability to throw some line. 
 Perfect for casting the royal PMX, Amy's Ant and the Purple Haze which are produced many fish
for Ms. Floatfisher and I. Rises were soft and lazy as they typically are in the late summer, perfect 
for this rod. Fish on, Fish off. 

Till next week

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