Sunday, August 10, 2014

Step Back in Time

Ms. Floatfisher and I had the privilege to spend a couple of days fishing with one
of the pioneers of flyfishing, Jack Dennis. Jack was nice enough to show us some 
of his old haunts and favorite waters of past and present. Although they have changed
a little of the years, with the boom of gas and oil, the vastness of Wyoming is something to
only marvel at. 
 With a scant population of people dwarfed only by antelope, deer, moose and many other animals, the fish were plentiful. With the fantastic snow pack of last winter, rivers are still flowing nicely and fish were willing participants to the foam flies.
 It seemed around each bend of the rivers Jack was showing us, moose were everywhere. This was certainly a great sight for Ms. Floatfisher and I as this is not a common sight in Colorado. You can believe the camera shutter was fluttering. The intimate size of the streams also made the fishing exciting and extremely peaceful. As I can recall, we only saw 2-3 boats between the 3 sections of river.

 Jack sharing some flyfishing stories of the past, there were many.
 Mary giving the morning first fish good luck smack down. No better way to break the ice of the boat with a healthy Wyoming brown that succumb to a black Power's Ant. Mary railed many on this pattern the rest of the day.
 Running on of the many irrigation drops on the river.
 Like any good fishing town, there are no shortages of water holes after the hard work is done.
Time to belly up.
Mary receiving a little one on one with Jack , casting to some rising fish.

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