Monday, September 22, 2014

Change of Season / Change of Venue

 With the change of season's , it marks the time Ms. Floatfisher and I will move the boat around and
chase some fall rainbows and browns, before cabin fever and serious football season sets in. With the aspens turning, and the full color spectrum going all through the I-70 corridor, it is worth the miserable
drive to see all the aspens, Oh and fish of course. The upper Colorado, lower Colorado, Roaring Fork are all in prime shape and worthy of fishing.
A little river graffiti to brighten up the morning float.
Browns in fall colors and very aggressive.
 Well they called for 20% chance of rain, it turned in to 100% as it rained almost all morning. We were almost prepared , except for the shorts and sandals. Did not plan on the 50 degree temperatures since they were not forecasted. But we survived in fine fashion. That is why you always keep a little Fireball
in the dry box for emergency precautions.
Did I mention the fishing was pretty good. The fish were eating the normal late summer fare, but here a 
a few that worked just a smidge better than others.

 Da bomb on Saturday, some very large browns and bows landed on the brown Olive Micro May.
A solid producer anywhere, especially on this river.

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