Monday, September 15, 2014

Ditch Piks

After the crazy cold front that whipped through the rockies mid-week last week, and brought our first 
glimpse of snow in some area's , the weather returned, and offered us some stellar late summer fishing. With all the kids back  in school, most of the vacations done till the holidays, the roads are again, a pleasure to be on. 
Ms. Floatfisher and I got out for a early morning float, forgot we can now adjust our alarm clock and 
sleep in a little as there was just a little frost on things. The thermometer in the truck registered 24 degree's. Burr…..
 Waters have finally taken on the gin clear state again, after a miserable summer of rains, muddling up the river. River was in perfect floating level at 598 CFS.
 There where many other anglers out enjoying the day, as the riffles and runs were teaming with
hungry eager fish. Flavor of the day for the nympher's seemed to be a RCJ or ever famous Mercer's Micro Mayfly .
A priceless little campspot , with a rocker riverside. Color me there.

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