Monday, October 13, 2014

Washington Steelhead Essay

 Where it all begins, provided the mountain has healthy snow pack and solid even temperature through-out the summer the Klickitat can be a worthy adversary for steelhead and some chinook salmon from mid to late Aug through fall.
Mary with breaks the ice and joins the steelhead club. Her hook set was on cue and deadly this trip,
no fish escaped her. All the other boats hated being behind us.
 On of the many cookie cutter chinooks that came to the fly. This fish was one of the more colored or "turned" ones. They were still no push overs, our little 8wt. there all they could handle. The fresher ones were a hoot, as they would jump and cartwheel in the deeper holes.
 Mary with the rod bent to the cork. The Hatch reels were a dream to fish with as drags were a smooth as butter, so glad we them all with us, 

The river was stunning around every bend, we had the fortune to fish roughly 50 miles of it, really beautiful, especially the upper end.
Knuckle Buster

 Another great trip for Floatfisher, added another good number of Steelhead to the overall count.
Very happy with my endevours into this realm as many do not have the good fortune to catch the fish I have in the short time. I thank my lucky stars.  So beautiful, so powerful.
 Our fine guide Aaron O'Leary waiting and watch Mary work her first Steelhead , not saying anything to either of us, not to jinx it. It worked. Thanks Aaron.

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