Sunday, November 23, 2014

Shewey's Spawning Purple

Great to be sitting back at the bench today, decided to get out a few beautiful tying materials and see
what I could create. My little Sunday morning twist turned out alright before the Packers game. Was hoping for another route, but ended up having to many penalties and barely winning. Thats alright , on to the Patriots next week. 
Anyways, back to the tie, enjoy , give this one a try. 
Shewey's Spawning Purple
Hook: Alec Jackson 1.5 Gold
Thread: UTC 70 White / UTC 70 Black
Body: Veevus Hot Orange Tinsel (coat of Clear Cure Goo)
Wing: Purple Marabou
Collar: Purple Schlappen
Eye: Jungle Cock
Collar: Orange Dyed Guinea 

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