Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winter Project

One of recent projects has been to re-organize every fly we own into a much more
organized system, after several years of neglect. What an undertaking, it has been, I would 
had never thought I would say I have too many, but in certain fly's, I have too $#@%$#$ many!

For many years, they have been in different boxes or areas, getting them grouped will greatly help 
the searching and searching next year in the heat of the hatch and fishing. It will also help eliminate the boxes that are not needed all the time.

One of the new boxes we decided to try, after it received Rave reviews was the Tacky fly box, using the silicone inserts. Although a touch on the pricey side at $25, it appears to be a very well thought out box. It holds 144 flies, the slots do a fantastic job of retaining their memory once a fly is removed. The lid is crush-proof, and has nice locking feature.

I think we are up to 6 of them now along with several other manufactures with new slim profile.
Give them a try.

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