Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Studio Dome 1- Blue Tooth Speaker-

If you like some occasional music on the river as I do this little gem will be a fine addition to your drift boat or skiff. Check out this badass little speaker we received as a Christmas gift,
 a little blues or rock-n-roll on the river will be greatly appreciated. Made right from Denver too.


 The SD1 uses Bluetooth V4 to connect wirelessly from up to 20m away. You can also connect hardwire using the included 1/8″ audio cable.
 Featuring a built-in “bass-film” subwoofer, the SD1 provides signal response all the way down to 60Hz. A thundering low-end for its size!
 The SD1 verbally indicates power and connectivity. Use Bluetooth with your cell phone, it announces the number of the incoming call.
 With a high-definition microphone installed in the base, the SD1 works exceptionally well as a hands-free device with your cell. Drive safely!

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